• Damp Proofing 

Call our Damp Survey team today and we will correctly identify the cause of the Damp problem and recommend the appropriate treatment. A common problem for our customers is that they believe that they have a rising Damp problem. However on many occasions we find that this is not the case . Therefore the work is unnecessary and a waste of money and does not solve the Damp problem they have. Did you know that over 50% of buildings that have had new Damp proof courses do not actually need them. At Bayliss Contractors UK ltd a Damp survey is free with no obligation to get a Damp treatment. 

Stop the problems before they happen ! 

They say a prevention is better than a cure and that is certainly the case with a Damp problem. With our free survey we can assess where your building is susceptible to Damp problems and help discover any Damp problems to provide you with a solution. 

The best part is that Our Damp course is issued with a 30 year Guarantee for your piece of mind. We also carry out Reports for mortgages and remortgages and because we understand that the customer will be in a hurry to get this done will receive the full report within 24 hrs of the site visit. 

Waterproofing- most cellars are set either partially or completely within the ground which means they tend to suffer from problems with Damp, whilst your cellar may never have experienced flooding, with the area being underground there is always a high possibility that this could occur in the future.There are two types of systems that are available for Damp proofing cellars 1) Cementitous waterproofing 2) Cavity drainage systems-water management 

Protecting your cellar from Damp is an important part of the cellar conversion process, call our expert team today to discuss this. 

• Condensation 

Why can condensation be considered a damp problem? The major difference between condensation and other forms of dampness is that you have the ability to reduce or solve the problem just through changing behaviour in the home i.e, dry washing outside, keeping tumble dryers vented to the outside, opening windows regularly to allow for better ventilation etc. 

However sometimes additional steps and measures are required so it’s best to get a Damp expert to survey and assess the property. We also can install loft or wall mounted PIV units as an option to control humidity and purify the air thus helping to eliminate any condensation issues. 

Call our expert team today!

Black mould-

Have you discovered black mould on your walls? This is a very common problem especially in homes with high humidity levels condensation problems and poor ventilation. We receive a lot of questions from concerned landlords and tenants worrying about back mould growing behind their walls. The space behind the walls extends to be tends to be a favourite hiding place for black mould. However it still needs a source of moisture. The appearance of your paint or wall paper can usually indicate a problem. If it is peeling , cracked or is starting to lose its colour then moisture is almost certainly present. A closer inspection may reveal some black mould growth. This can sometimes be an indication of a larger black mould problem growing behind the wall. In this instance we recommend getting our professional surveyor out to identify the extent of the problem . 

Removing the black from the the walls is a relatively easy task. Our mould control treatment not only eradicates the affected area and provides a protective coating.

Prevention from reoccurrence- 

You can only prevent the regrow of mould on your walls by cutting off its main moisture supply. In our experience this is usually the condensation levels and poor ventilation within the property. Our expert team of specialists can assess the situation and combine the mould treatments with an upgrade of ventilation, this being extra air vents fitted or fitting a PIV unit. A PIV unit can be installed in the loft or on the wall and control the humidity, and purifying the air, thus helping to eliminate any condensation or black mould issues. 

Please call our expert team today!

• Timber treatments 

In the U.K. there are 4 types of woodworm , 

• Common furniture beetle 

• House Longhorn beetle 

• Death wall beetle 

• Wood-boring Weevil 

All invade and consume wood and they leave when they reach maturity. Early identification is crucial in stopping the problem because they will cause more and more harm and seriously weaken timbers often leading to structural failure (of the timber).


-Small round holes in your woodwork 

-Fine powdery dust around these holes 

-Crumbly edges to boards and joists 

-Tunnels within the timber 

-Weak or damaged timbers or flooring

Our water based treatments can be applied directly to the problem to eliminate the infection and provide a protective coating to stop a reoccurrence of the issue. 

If you are worried and suspect that you have woodworm then why not call our expert team today. It can be tricky to tell if you have an active woodworm infestation as the main damage is caused inside the timber. Our expert will help identify if this is a problem and provide you with a treatment.

Have you a Dry rot or Wet rot problem ? Rot is one of the major causes of timber decay in old and even modern buildings. The most common types of wood rot include Dry rot and Wet rot which are caused by fungal decay in building timbers.

Different rots require different types of treatments and our treatments will be issued with a Guarantee for your piece of mind. 

Dry rot:

Signs: Distinct mushroom smell, white fungal growth with yellow and lilac tinges, deep cracks appear within the wood, both soft and hard woods can be damaged.

our specialist removes any visible fungal growth and replaces materials. We treat every piece of wood located in the area with a fungicidal treatment. Because dry rot is such a serious problem it is important to treat such issues as soon as possible. 

Wet rot:

Signs: Distortion, discolouration, softness and cracking, loss of strength to the timber, visible fungal growth (sometimes) a Damp musky smell.

Whilst not as serious as dry rot it can still create damage to your property and can cause decay of timber causing considerable damage over time. 

What is the difference? 

The main difference between Dry rot and Wet rot are the degree of development of mycelium * this word needs to be in italic writing *on the wood surface and the ability of the fungus to spread into other timbers via adjacent masonry 

Then add the middle picture showing the difference between dry and wet rot.

Call our team today before it becomes a serious problem.

• Basement, Cellar and loft conversions 

Basement conversions- domestic -

The demand for improved living space is much higher amongst families. The need for rooms which don’t impose on a families lifestyle can also be a necessity to present day life. Bayliss Contractors can offer a comprehensive basement conversion which can allow for a whole new level of living space and increase a home living factory and value.

Below is a Basement Conversion we have recently completed. The Customer was wanting extra space for Business reasons . We excavated to allow for more headroom and underpinned the area to support the entire building. All works were done to specification of the Structural Engineers Report and also Building regulations. If you are interested in creating more space however large or small please feel free to contact us. You can be rest assured we will be with you every step of the way.

Basement conversions- commercial -

We have always been able to meet our commercial clients needs regardless of the scale of the basement conversion, leaving them completely satisfied. Our service provides our commercial customers with ample space to help them achieve better business opportunities and create a greater working environment all at an affordable price done by our specialists in different sectors of trade, electricians, welders and plasterers to name a few and because we are experts in waterproofing as well as building work we can ensure that any basement conversion is protected against any water infiltration.

Cellar conversions-

Need a Cellar conversion or waterproofing? Call our specialists today! Cellar and waterproofing has become increasingly popular in recent years. The demand for more space coupled with high property costs is making homeowners consider a cellar conversion. If greater living space is what you require without the need for excess bricks and mortar then a cellar conversion could be perfect opportunity for you and your home.

Loft conversions -

Our team of specialist builders and designers can assess your lift and provide you with a number of conversion ideas which are best suited to how you want to utilise the space. We offer you specialist in insulation, building work, electrical wiring and finishing to give you the best possible value for money and to convert your lift to the highest standards.

• Waterproofing

Your home requires a lot of upkeep, and one of the major issues that can occur is water damage. The good news is that there are things that can be done in an attempt to prevent this, and our waterproofing service is one of the best things that you could opt for. We have the knowledge and skills regarding the various methods, meaning that we can always ensure that we take the best approach to the job in hand. This in turn means that your home will be taken care of in the best way, so it is definitely a great idea to contact us now.  

• Renovation 

We all want our property to look and feel fresh at all times, and if you’ve been thinking about making some major changes recently then getting in touch with our refurbishment team could be a great idea. Not only are we able to complete work in a skilled and efficient manner, but we can also provide advice about the actual work being done, which can be valuable if you’re not entirely sure of what you want. One thing’s for sure – we can make a huge difference to your project, so get in touch with a member of our team as soon as possible.

Kitchen renovation

We will take care of everything from start to finish.

Bathroom Renovation

Further Renovations

Hallway Project

• Structural 

Cavity wall tie replacement-

Faulty wall ties can cause horizontal cracks and bulges to appear in your brickwork and even plaster cracking. Cavity wall tie failure is either down to an issue with the construction and installation of the ties or due to corrosion over time. Cavity wall ties can fail because of a construction defect such as the original ‘built-in’ cavity wall ties being omitted altogether, incorrectly spaced,incorrectly fixed or too short. 

Whatever the cause of wall tie failure , it is important that the problem is resolved quickly and correctly to avoid serious structural damage and prevent the danger of collapse. 


Why do building need underpinning? If you think or you’ve been told that your home needs underpinning, it’s likely because the building is sinking into the ground: a form of subsidence. Subsidence is more likely to affect semis and detached properties, but in truth any home can be affected. 

Call our expert team today to discuss any of these concerns.